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For more than 50 years, health care leaders and executives have turned to Medicine & Health for insight and analysis on the world of health care policy. These are turbulent times for health policy, with budgets tight at the federal, state and local levels. Health insurance costs are rising, medical errors are in the spotlight, and an aging baby boom generation is destined to strain, and ultimately transform, the health care system in this country. As policymakers wrangle with these long-simmering crises, they must also confront bioterrorism response plans and the dangerously withering public health infrastructure.

In short, the stakes for mapping out a health care agenda are higher than they've been in years - and it has never been more important for health care leaders to stay abreast of the latest developments in health policy.

From new bills on Capitol Hill to CMS program directives that could change the way you do business, our editors will give you the straight scoop on the latest Medicare developments - 45 times a year.

With Medicine and Health, you'll stay on top of all the trends and be the first to know about the most important developments in health policy every week:

  • What new Medicare regulations are in the works
  • How health insurers and employers are trying to contain skyrocketing costs
  • Which new proposals are gaining momentum on the Hill, and which ones are DOA
  • How the latest innovations in health technology and treatment will change the face of health care
  • Which provider groups are about to receive increased funding, and who's being cut
  • How states are grappling with tight budgets and spiraling Medicaid costs
  • What politicians really mean when they talk about health care

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